Espresso Machine and Grinder setup guide

Espresso Machine and Grinder setup guide

Elise Porter

Setting up you machine and grinder for the first time can be a challenge. Watch our video and see helpful advise to minimise your frustration. 

 This is an introduction and basic barista setup guide for a traditional coffee setup at home. It covers the general basics to achieve the most out of your coffee and coffee equipment purchase.

Rob Lawes is our head roaster guides you through dialling in with the Profitec 400 Heat Exchanger espresso machine and Eureka Mignon Turbo espresso grinder using organic coffee roasted fresh at Bella Barista's in house small batch coffee roastery.



1. Water used for coffee machines

Please click this link for more for more information. The UK has various regions of hard water areas. For non plumb in coffee machines we recommend a BWT Jug, BWT Water Pouches, Reservoir Tank Filters or bottled water (Tesco's Ashbeck, Waitroise or branded Volvic).
Even using these water softeners you still might want to consider and schedule light descales of your machine. All the machines selected in the Bella Barista range are either the traditional Copper/Brass Alloy or Stainless Steel. We recommend Citric Acid for descales. Contact us for more advice on descales.

For plumb in machines we recommend BWT inline water filtration.


2. Essential Accessories.

Rob mentions in the video are as follows: a good set of scales, micro fibre cloth, tamper and tamping mat, milk pitcher, espresso, flat white cups and knock box.


3. Seasoning Burrs

Purchasing a grinder from Bella Barista always normally includes some coffee to help run through your new coffee grinder purchase at the beginning. There is a tendency for burrs to jam at the beginning. We have a guide based on the Eureka Mignon that helps you free that stubborn coffee bean.


4. The Espresso 1-2 Ratio

Rob used for an ideal espresso extraction is 1-2. So starting with 18 grams dry the target is 36 grams liquid weight out in approx 30 seconds. This is why a handy set of scales helps you know how far off this target you are.
We offer a home Barista course here at Bella Barista that might save you hours at home trying to figure this out and pointers on latte art.

We also suggest some upgrades to your coffee machine to help improve the extraction once you have mastered to the 1-2 ratio. Bottomless handle, Competition Shower Screen, Levelling Tool and VST or IMS baskets and calibrated tampers.