Coffee Machine E61 - Daily Maintenance

Coffee Machine E61 - Daily Maintenance

Lee Brooks
  • Backflush - Here at Bella Barista we generally recommend to customers to back flush every time they have finished using the machine for the day. This is based on a E61 Group Head Machine.
    *Barista Tip - Whilst back flushing its good to check the pump pressure make sure its around 9 to 10 bar.
  • Rinse handles and baskets - Run Portafilter handles and baskets under hot water to rinse out any coffee grounds.
  • Scrub Group Head - Using the group head brush, quickly scrub around the inside recess of the group head .

Coffee Machine E61 - Fortnightly Maintenance

  • Fresh - Steam and Hot Water
    Based on (Heat Exchanger and Dual Boiler Coffee Machines with Reservoir Tank)
    Every couple of weeks we recommend to drain out the water from the hot water boiler. When the machine is up to temperature, turn the machine off and instantly draw off all the hot water. Then fill the Reservoir Tank with fresh water - Turn the machine back on. It will fill the steam boiler with fresh water avoiding musty steam smells.
  • Soak Portafilter handles, baskets and Shower screens
    To avoid coffee oil build up we recommend soaking the coffee machine accessories (Portafiler, Baskets and Shower screens) in a washing up bowl with warm water (1 to 2 litres) and detergent like Puly Caff. Leave for half an hour. Try to avoid the actual handle part of the portafilter being submerged in the water.

Coffee Machine E61 - 6 to 12 Month Maintenance

  • Replace Group Head Gasket
    Based on E61
    The Group Head gasket or seal is a consumable part that requires replacement approx every 6 months to 1 year. Please view the video below.

Coffee Machine E61 - Descale

To avoid descales or significantly reduce the frequency of descales we recommend using filtered water. Hard water areas using tap water will require more frequent descales. This descale guide below is to reduce the limescale build in your coffee machine. *Based on Copper/Brass and Stainless Steel boilers. This process is relatively straight forward on both E61 Heat Exchanger and a Dual Boiler coffee machines.

  1. With the machine at normal operating temperature (with PID machines) and both boilers switched on (with a dual boiler) bring up to temperature/pressure, SWITCH OFF, place a 2 litre container under the hot water outlet (a cheap plastic cooks measuring jug will suffice) and open the hot water tap. This will drain 80% of the water in the tank (approximately 1 litre).
  2. Add 50-60g to 1 litre ratio of citric acid (or your preferred descaling product) stir until dissolved and fill reservoir with solution to the top.
  3. Put this solution into your reservoir, switch the machine back on and wait while boiler/boilers refill with the descaling solution. By opening the steam wand temporarily while the boiler is filling will speed up this process but remember to close it again.
  4. Allow the machine to warm up for a few minutes (monitor pressure gauge carefully, if pressure goes into the red, open the steam wand) and then draw about 50cl of hot water through the hot water outlet to get some descaler to the extremes of this area of the machine.
  5. Run the rest of the descaler through the group in 15 second bursts, waiting 5 seconds between each burst, this ensures a good mixing in the brew boiler and the whole brew pathway.
  6. Load the blind filter in your porta filter handle and perform a backflush, releasing the pressure very gradually.
  8. Leave the machine for around 30 minutes (or longer if you feel you have severe scale).
  9. Switch the machine on, allow to warm up and run more descaler through the group and SWITCH MACHINE OFF.
  10. Wait 10-15 minutes, switch machine on and when at normal operating temperature/pressure, SWITCH OFF, place a container under the hot water outlet and open the hot water tap to train the tank.
  11. Refill your water tank with water (preferably filtered) and follow steps 4 – 9 continuously until you can no longer smell the descaling solution. This may be a minimum of 10 times so patience is the key!