Reintroducing the La Marzocco Linea Mini

Reintroducing the La Marzocco Linea Mini

Elise Porter

After much anticipation La Marzocco have finally reintroduced the Linea Mini. The Linea Mini was first released back in 2015 and quickly become a dream coffee machine for home baristas all over the world. Since releasing the Linea Micra (a smaller more compact version of the Mini) there have been many questions on when/if La Marzocco would bring out an updated Linea Mini showcasing some of the features of the Micra. And, here it is!


The Linea Mini is a compact double boiler espresso machine with a 3L steam boiler and a 0.17L brew boiler. It features an integrated group head which ensures optimal thermal stability from a cool start. The Linea Mini takes about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up from cold. The indicator lights on the machine have now been separated either side of the brew paddle and have become more intuitive, with different flashes meaning different things (all explained in detail in the manual). 

On the new Linea Mini you can also easily update the brew pressure with the adjustable opv which is located at the top of the machine, without having to open up the body of the machine.

Like the original Linea Mini, the La Marzocco home app also allows you to connect with the machine giving you access to even more features, such as allowing you to set the temperature for the brew boiler and steam boiler, remotely schedule when you want the machine to be turned on and off turn off and choose different pre-infusion modes etc. If you have the machine plumbed in, you also set up an auto-backflush mode.

One of the biggest upgrades to the new Linea Mini is the addition of the shot timer. This doesn't just time your shot but also works as an indicator for when the machine is heating up. The new mini is also compatible with the acaia brew by weight. All you have to do is set the desired weight on the app, pull your espresso and the machine will stop automatically when it has reached the desired weight. 

New Design

At first glance it may look like nothing much has changed but when you take a closer look you'll notice subtle changes. Taking design cues from the commercial Linea Classic, the side panels on the Linea Mini have now been changed to be more slanted. The knobs are now engraved with the linear mini wording and the cup warmer and drip tray has also been changed to a similar design of the Linea Micra. The backsplash plate has now also changed on the coloured machines to be the same colour of the body, whereas it used to be stainless steel on the original Linea Mini. One of the highlights of the new Linea Mini would definitely be the shot timer, which has been long asked for by barista's and home barista's alike. A great new feature and an interesting thing to note is when you take out the drip tray, the 2.5 L water reservoir pops out as well.

What's In The Box

  • Linea Mini manual
  • Group kit cleaning solution
  • Milk picture
  • Convex tamper
  • Water test kit
  • Backflushing disc
  • 7, 14, 17, and 21g basket
  • Convertible bottomless portafilter handle with the single and double spot attachment
  • Stainless steel steam tip

Final Thoughts

The refresh look and updated features of the new Linea Mini such as the shot timer, auto back flush and the acaia brew by weight compatibility makes this almost unbeatable in the prosumer espresso machine market or even a small Cafe!