Always organic. All the time.

From our rigorous standards to our collaborations direct with farmers, we pride ourselves on producing only Certified Organic coffee.

Organic coffee is rarer than you might think.

  • When it comes to pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides, coffee is one of the top sprayed agricultural crops globally. Because it’s such a delicate and time-consuming practice, most coffee farmers rely on these chemicals to make sure their farms yield bountiful coffee plants. Many have accepted this as the norm, but we’re here to inspire customers to choose better coffee, and inspire the industry to do better as a whole.

  • To be an all organic company, we work hard to develop long-term partnerships with farmers at origin—so we can participate in the efforts it takes to field organic plants. It’s extra work, less consistent, and often yields far less product. It’s a commitment far more complicated than many other industries, but it’s one we stand behind and urge others to do the same.

Regenerative Organic Certified®

Regenerative Organic Certified®, builds upon the legacy of the organic movement by promoting holistic agriculture practices in an all-encompassing certification that:

  • Increases soil organic matter over time and sequesters carbon below and above ground, which could be a tool to mitigate climate change
  • Improves animal welfare
  • Provides economic stability and fairness for farmers, ranchers, and workers.

A Long standing commitment to excellence.

While you might have heard of Fair Trade thrown around a lot, but we go even further and buy via direct trade. This is a process in which roasters work directly with farmers to meet higher standards for coffee quality in exchange for a premium price. That way, the farmers get liveable wages, and Bella Barista gets to give you the best coffee out there.

A deep understanding of flavour.

Once we have our beautiful organic beans, we have to coax out their best characteristics. Our main focus when roasting is to ensure all our coffee is fresh, approachable & consistently delicious. 

  • Fresh

    We buy seasonally, selecting coffees throughout the year as they are being harvested. By working in this way, the vibrancy of the coffee is always at its best. 

  • Approachable

    We roast to maximise the sweetness in the coffee. Good development is key to having a well balanced flavour profile. We ensure that our coffee tastes great no matter how you brew it. 

  • Consistent

    Quality control is a central part of our process. We record and sample every batch, taste daily and monitor everything to keep our coffees tasting great.