DF64V Single Dose Espresso Grinder

DF64V Single Dose Espresso Grinder

Marko Trkulja

The Bella Barista team are excited to receive the first DF64V for review in the UK.
It is fair to say the initial reception of this very small beautifully crafted grinder has been nothing short of exceptional. Visitors to the Bella Barista showroom have remarked how much they would like to take this grinder home.

The new DF64V is a single dose variable speed coffee grinder. It will grind fine enough for espresso and with one range of adjustment will easily allow grinding for different brew methods.

We feel this grinder will compete with all 64mm flat burr coffee grinders on the market and its suitable to pair up with all the espresso machines for sale in the Bella Barista range.


* 64mm DLC Flat Burrs - Create fluffy and consistent grounds
* Variable Speed Motor - 600 to 1800 RPM Allows you to adjust grind speed to your preference.
* Detachable magnetic chute - Allows for easy access to clean residual coffee grounds
* Hopper coffee feed designed to limit coffee popcorning.
* Powerful DC Brushless motor - That's also Impressively quiet.
* Dosing Cup and bellows.
* Grind size indicator feature for Grind Size Adjustment


Bella Barista Showroom Images

DF64V - Bella Barista Showroom


DF64V - Bella Barista Showroom Image 2


At a first glance....

The Bella Barista team are currently putting this grinder through its paces, testing the brushless motor to see how it performs even with light roasts at a high rpm. So far it has performed very well with the factory fitted burrs and SSP burrs that we have since installed.

Overall the grinder is performing to a very high standard producing a uniform and consistent grind. The grind adjustment is easy to use and with the bellows the retention is extremely low - 0.2 grams for an 18 gram dose.

Due to the motor being so quiet we feel it might be good if the grinder power button illuminated to let you know the grinder was actually on and running....It's that quiet!

Another desirable feature would be to turn on/off the LED light that displays the rpm. Once the RPM is set it would be good to have the ability turn on/off the bright light as its often going to be in a home setting.

The DF range of grinders are evolving at an incredible pace since the original DF64 came to the market 3 years ago. The DF64V seems to be the culmination of various upgrades and improvements considering the other grinder models DF64P and E. The burr housing and burr chamber has a real premium feel and overall a much easier grinder to maintain and replace burrs if required. A tiny suggestion we feel the clips that hold the top burr in position might eventually wear over time and lose the satisfying snap fit, however this is a very minor observation and easily remedied.

The look of the DF64V is minimalist sturdy, premium design. The outer body has a sturdy robust feel. Combined with the wood accents really gives a desirable overall aesthetic.  

The sleek and modern design of the grinder is reminiscent to the Option O Lagom 64 and the DF64V will come in three finishes, Black, Gunmetal and Anodised Aluminium.

The metal coating, smooth edges with a refined detailed finish put this grinder in high end category of 64mm flat burr grinders especially considering its variable rpm motor and detachable chute. The elegant finish is completed with a stylish metal dosing cup and wooden base. The grinder really does look the part and matches with its performance.

The DF64 offers practicality with innovative magnetic chute for easy cleaning and maintenance and its rubber bellow system allows you to push air into the burrs to retrieve the very small amount of retained coffee.


First Glance Conclusion
It's still early days with the first production model but the Bella Barista team feel this is going to be a top pick for coffee lovers who want to use a single dose grinder to try out different single origin coffees or easily switch between decaf or other brew methods. Considering it's size it outperforms many other 64mm flat burr grinders on the market with its variable speed. It will make a great pairing with any dual boiler E61 machines and can easily be adjusted to give you V60 filter or Cafetiere brew methods and then back to your espresso grind level. It will also appeal to those who wish for a small elegant compact grinder that will almost go unnoticed on the kitchen counter due to its size and footprint. With a clever adjustment ring for reference, you can now focus a lot more on perfecting your brew.

*Motor Stalls - The first production run of DF64V had reports of motor stalls. This is a fail safe to prevent the motor overheating and can occur on lighter roast coffees. The sensitivity on the controller have now been updated. The DF64V we should have delivered at the end of August 2023 have already received the upgrade.


Model: DF64V
Item Size: Depth:20cm | Width:10cm | Height:33cm
Item Weight: 8.6kg