Investing in a home set-up could save you money!

Investing in a home set-up could save you money!

Elise Porter

It can be difficult justifying spending 100s - 1000s of pounds on a coffee machine set-up at home to yourself or even a loved one. But we're here to tell you, you could be saving yourself thousands in the long run! Over five years, the costa drive-througher or the boutique coffee shop goer can spend close to £6k, whereas in comparison, the home barista spends closer to £3k (with the set-up included). 

Going out for coffee: The average cost of a latte in your local café is now around £3.25. That’s over £1180 a year if you go every day. 

Making coffee at home: On average, a home barista can make 12 drinks per the average carton of milk and bag of coffee. With the average cost of a bag of our organic coffee (£8.50) and a 4 pint of milk (£1.45), it costs about £8p a day and £292 to make a latte at home.

With the average cost of a home espresso setup at around £1500 it’ll pay itself off in about two years.

Coffee set-ups for home:

If you purchase both a machine and grinder from us you'll and receive an automatic package deal discount at the checkout!

The cost effective set-up:

Single boiler espresso machines tend to sit at the lower price range, but paired with a decent grinder, you can easily get great espressos. 





The best all-rounder set-up:

In a previous article 'are heat exchangers the best all-rounder machines on the market'  we concluded that our range of heat exhangers, paired with a capable grinder, are great at being able to do it all, at a stomach-able price range.





Better than your local coffee shop espresso set-up:

We've explained the savings, so why not go the whole hog and blow the budget with a machine and grinder that will rival any London coffee shop!