Prototype in-cup coffee bags help fuel row across the Atlantic

Prototype in-cup coffee bags help fuel row across the Atlantic

Scarlet Binley

Each Bella Barista in-cup coffee bag contains 10 grams of freshly roasted organic coffee in a perfectly packaged, single-serve bags. Just add hot water and you’ve got the perfect cup of coffee in two minutes flat, wherever your adventures take you. No prep.

Fuelled by Navigator  

Just before the team set off to face the Atlantic Jack Fleckney came and collected our first ever in-cup coffee bags filled with his Navigator blend to help keep him and his team fuelled with coffee day and night. Our new in cup coffee bags work just like a tea bag but with coffee, with these little bundles of joy the time and space to make a coffee are no longer an issue making them the perfect product to take across the Atlantic in a rowing boat. But don't fear you don't have to be rowing across the Atlantic to get your hands on them. As of next month they will be available to buy on our website, making your morning cuppa just that little bit easier. 
A percentage of all Navigator coffee goes to the Jack Fleckney Foundation which will support whatever challenge jack is facing at the time. 
To top it off very soon we will be launching our first In Cup coffee bags filled with the Navigator blend. 
We wish Jack and his crew the best of luck in their biggest challenge yet. As always we are proud to be a part of Jack's ventures. 

Who are strokes 4 blokes

Strokes 4 blokes are a group of 30/40-something men including our very own ambassador Jack Fleckney, along with Jean-Claude Vacassin, Daniel Vacassin & Mike Keith. All of them like to push themselves now and then. Three of them work in fitness, but none of them are endurance pros, and only one of them has rowing experience. For all of these incredible men, this is the biggest challenge they have ever faced. 

Why are they doing it? 

Strokes 4 blokes are taking on this challenge to raise awareness and money for the charity CALM (campaign against living miserably). Taking a stand against suicide. That means standing against feeling hopeless, standing up to stereotypes and standing together to show life is always worth living.
  •  Suicide is the biggest killer in men under 45.
  •  75% of all UK suicides are male.
  • 84 men take their lives every week 
These figures are frightening, and they show beyond doubt that men have difficultly dealing with mental health issues. 
'we’ve seen first-hand the negative impact that can have. We’re blokes ourselves, and we all have fathers, brothers, children, friends, teammates, or colleagues who, one day, may need support. Our mission is to raise awareness of this increasing problem and help CALM in their life-saving work. Our epic – and frankly, daunting – Atlantic rowing challenge was the best way we knew to do it.'
They are hoping to raise £250,000 for Calm and their mission to take a stand against suicide. 

The Challenge  

The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge is a 3,000-mile row from the Canary Islands to the West Indies. Every winter, up to 30 teams from around the world take on ‘The world’s toughest row’. In 2022.
Some interesting facts about this challenge
  • At its deepest, the Atlantic Ocean is 8.5km / 5.28 miles deep.
  • The waves that the rowers experience can measure up to 20ft high.
  • There is no toilet on board – rowers use a bucket!
  • The average rower loses around 8kg during a crossing.
  • Rowers burn in excess of 5,000 calories per day.
  • Each team will row in excess of 1.5 million oar strokes during a race.

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