ECM Synchronika and Compak E5 Coffee Grinder

ECM Synchronika and Compak E5 Coffee Grinder

Marko Trkulja

ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler Coffee Machine and Compak E5 On Demand Espresso Grinder

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What a setup! Pictured, the flagship ECM coffee machine – The Synchronika Dual Boiler.

Once the decision is made on the coffee machine, often the next set of questions are centred around the choice of coffee grinder. Arguably the more important decision.  The espresso grinder can make the most out of your fresh roast beans and lead to a great extraction from your coffee machine. The all important grind level and ease of adjustment makes this the key factor in the whole process. Thankfully there is a great deal of choice for the home user nowadays.

Compak Coffee Grinders

One serious contender for a high quality espresso grinder is Compak. Designed and engineered in Barcelona, Compak have built an strong reputation for build quality and refinement. The Compak Essential or E Series range embodies this hard earned and deserved reputation. Just looking at the chassis that holds the Porta Filter handle you can see its exquisitely built. It also allows you to adjust and position of the  Porta Filter handle cradle so it fits neatly in place hands free every time. The Compak E Series range is designed and built for “On Demand” use. Older coffee grinders were designed for commercial use with large dosers on the front. At home we do not want dosers. Coffee starts to lose its best 20 minutes after being ground. At home we want coffee grinders to directly grind straight into the handle. With the E Series built purely for the purpose of On Demand use, we finally have an espresso grinder specifically built for the requirements of the home barista.

The Compak E5 is the smallest E Series On Demand grinder in the Compak range. Perfect for kitchen work top spaces offering us all the features we desire in a professional quality cup at home. Flat 58mm burrs. Low retention of coffee (Little stale coffee build up that isnt dumped out every no and again). It’s USP has to be two key features.

Compak E Series Coffee Grinders Features

1. The precision timer – It can dispense a dose down to a 100th of a second. Most timers have settings to a 10th of a second.
2. Three dose options. – Once again most coffee grinders have two timer options. A single and double. Having three gives you the option for Single, Double and Treble for bottomless shots. Or you can have the first option set for a small purge.

Considering these features, quality, refinement and aesthetics the Compak E5 has to be a serious consideration when pairing up with a coffee machine at home.