Lelit Bianca and Eureka Specialita

Lelit Bianca and Eureka Specialita

Marko Trkulja

Whirlwind showroom purchase!

Thanks Liyang for your purchase. It was a spontaneous drive from London to the Bella Barista showroom.
Having already owned a prosumer coffee machine it makes the purchase quicker than normal. However the Bella team were impressed how you made the visit with no particular machine in mind and went away on the day with the Lelit Bianca and had it up and running back at home the same day.

If its possible to make the trip to our showroom we strongly recommend it. You can see most of the range on display, along with a demo area, barista training room and coffee roastery. You can also hopefully gain some advice that might save you hours and a lot of wasted coffee at home. Driving a coffee machine home on the back seat of your car is always safer than a courier.

The Lelit Bianca Dual Boiler coffee machine  is a new addition to the Bella Barista range and merits it’s place with its unique features. It’s worth viewing the Bianca on the shop section of the Bella Barista website. It has a link to DaveC’s comprehensive review.

In this particular situation Liyang had limited space and the detachable reservoir tank was a important factor in the purchase. Other considerations were the boilers having access for descaling by unscrewing the elements from the bottom of the machine, shot timer and ability to manually pre-infuse.