Rocket R60V Coffee Machine and Rocket Fausto Espresso Grinder

Rocket R60V Coffee Machine and Rocket Fausto Espresso Grinder

Marko Trkulja

Rocket R60V Pressure Profile Coffee Machine and Rocket Fausto Polished Finish Espresso Grinder

What a great coffee setup photo to see on a Friday morning. Cheers Scott from London.
Scott is loyal customer of Bella Barista and originally had a Rocket Giotto Evoluzione. Wanting to seek even more consistency, try out new pressure profiles and possibly a little bit of upgrade-itis, he eventually opted for the R60v.

Rocket R60V Pressure Profile Machine

The Rocket R60V is the pinnacle of what you can achieve with the traditional E61 group head coffee machine. Normally the E61 group is very simple in operation, lift the lever and it will delivery a consistent pressure. 2-4 bar preinfusion to begin with then ramping up to a solid 9bar. Simple! Most of the coffee machines in the Bella Barista range do this and make it very easy for everyone at home to use.

The R60V gives you the ability to change this standard profile and adapt it to suit your taste. You might like a 10 second preinfusion at 1.5 bar? You might even decide to lower the pressure towards the end of the espresso shot, limiting the more undesirable acids and flavours? The R60V gives you this extra level of control with your espresso. Ideal if you enjoy drinking different single origin speciality coffees, allowing you to tailor and personalise your coffee drinking. This is for more advanced home coffee enthusiasts who really enjoy espresso.

The Rocket R60v is currently the top spec domestic coffee machine in the Rocket Espresso range. Naturally it comes with a number of features only available on this coffee machine. First and foremost the Rotary pump has a stepper motor to produce higher pressures and pressure control. The advanced digital display allows you to preset and save your favourite profiles for later use. You can connect the R60v to your wifi allowing you additional control through the Rocket app for mobile devices.  For more information on the R60V, please visit the Bella Barista website. It comes in two finishes. The R60v soft touch matt black finish and traditional mirror finish stainless steel.