3 ways to make a delicious iced coffee at home

3 ways to make a delicious iced coffee at home

Elise Porter

Iced Espresso/Americano

What You'll Need:


Dial in your coffee of choice

We prefer light, African coffees like Case Coffee's Cascadia blend for their fruity sweetness

Dial in for a 1:1 or 1:1.5 brew ratio. Keeping the espresso concentrated allows you to control how strong you want your iced espresso / Americano

Pull espresso into your shot glass.

Pour shot over ice, add water or milk to taste, and enjoy!

At Bella Barista, our job usually revolves around helping people take their first steps into home espresso – so it only felt right to start off with a straight iced espresso recipe. One of the great things about espresso is that it’s such a quick way to make super-concentrated coffee.

Aside from your espresso setup, all you’ll need is some good coffee, a few ice cubes, and a glass.

If you prefer an iced Americano, simply add water and a bit more ice! I also encourage trying different ratios than you’d normally use, as iced espresso can bring out entirely new flavours in your coffee.


Cold Brew

What You'll Need:


Grind your 60g of coffee coarse, as you would for a French press

Add to a container with you 700ml of water and place in the fridge

After around 20hr brew time, simply remove the container from the fridge, pour coffee through glass dripper with filter paper

Pour over ice, add water to taste, and enjoy!

Massively popular and wonderfully low-maintenance, cold brew is an excellent way to ensure you have plenty of iced coffee by making large batches of concentrate.


AeroPress Iced Coffee

What You'll Need:


Start your kettle and set its temperature to 94°C. If you're using a stovetop kettle, let it sit at a boil and remove it from heat a few minutes before brewing

Grind your 24g of coffee medium-fine, as you might for a small pourover

Dump your ground coffee into the Aeropress and set it atop the glass full of ice

Pour 90g of water into the AeroPress and start your timer the moment you begin pouring

Allow the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds, give the mixture a stir to break the crust, and pour in an additional 90g of water

For better temperature stability, rest the plunger of the AeroPress atom the base as this will seal in heat

Once your timer reaches 3 minutes 30 seconds, begin to plunge the AeroPress into the glass Don't forget to clean out your AeroPress immediately! It'll thank you, by which we mean the gasket and plunger will last far longer.

Give your glass of iced coffee a stir to ensure it's evenly mixed and cold, then enjoy!

If you’re dying for an iced coffee but don’t have an espresso machine on hand, nothing beats the speed and flavour of AeroPress iced coffee. Since we’re brewing hot we’ll be pouring this over ice. To account for that, we’ll use half the normal amount of water and replace that with an equal weight of ice, though extra ice never hurts.