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The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features

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Flair 58x is a fully-manual, non-electric version of the Flair 58. This model is a professional grade lever espresso press that is focused on maximizing the workflow and the espresso from at-home extractions. The 58x features Flair’s first industry standard 58mm portafilter as well as a more robust frame and lever for ease of extractions at higher pressures. As this version is completely non-electric, customers can preheat and engage in thermal management using the open preheat cap. Flair’s new valve plunger, which includes a puck screen, also ensures there is no need to remove the stem to add your brew water, further enhancing your workflow!
Mirror Upgrade - stainless steel disc that has been embedded into the post of the lever assembly. This disc allows any Flair 58 or 58x buyer to upgrade to the magnetic, articulating shot mirror and add it to their setup with ease. The mirror adheres with enough force to consistently stay in place, while also being easy to remove when packing up or traveling. (Standard on Flair 58+).

Enhanced Plunger with Single Slot - All Flair 58s, in 2023, will come standard with an enhanced plunger with a single slot, as opposed to the dual slot version from previous models. The benefits of this iteration are improved valve function when filling the brew cylinder and a reduced potential for the stem to raise from the plunger when stem tabs fall into alignment with the smaller single slot.

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The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features
The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features
The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features
The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features
The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features
The Flair 58x Lever Espresso Machine with New Features

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About this machine
Flair's new flaship! 100% manual, non-electric espresso press featuring a 58mm wooden-handled porta filter, pressure gauge and elongated lever with a T-grip handle for advanced brewing ergonomics

Ideal for?
This type of machine is for the espresso traditionalist who wants to pull smooth, rich shots without relying of electricity.

Why we love it?
The Flair. 58x Espresso Press is perfect for camping, travelling, boating and more.

Supplied with the Flair 58X is the following:-
Flair 58 Base
Flair 58 Lever Assembly
Flair 58x Brew Head with Valve Plunger
Flair 58 Pressure Gauge with Stainless Steel Stem
Puck Screen
58 mm Portafilter and 16-22 gram basket (additional high-flow basket available)
58 mm Tamper
Flair 58x Preheat Cap
Flair 58 Drip Tray
Plunger Key
Flair 58x Quick Start Guide