Our journey to circularity is just starting

We’ve tried to reinvent our coffee packaging with circularity in mind. Guided by the frameworks of compostability it’s important to us that our coffee and packaging ‘lives’ a full life, and is reused as many times as possible, and eventually disposed of in a way that is friendly for the product and environment.

1. Start with the packaging

To divert away from single use plastics, we have sourced 100% home compostable packaging. The bags and labels are both home compostable and along with the spent coffee grounds can be put straight into your home food waste bin. 

2. Go that extra step…

Unfortunately, many people in the UK still don’t have access to food waste collection (in 2021 only 12% of all councils collected food waste)

We felt that the only real way we could take responsibility for this was to buy a commercial composter and offer to process all the packaging and coffee ourselves.

3. Join the Eco Packaging Alliance

This creates a truly ‘ground to ground’ eco-cycle and drastically reduces our waste. 

To find out how you can return your bags and spent coffee, keep your eyes peeled!