Iapar 59

Iapar 59

Elise Porter

One of our favourite certified organic Demeter coffees from our longstanding direct trade partner and biodynamic pioneer Henrique Sloper, is his Iapar 59.

It is grown at the Atalaia farm in the Pedra Azul region of Brazil and regularly produces an outstanding crop. Most notably, was in 2017 when is was awarded a cup of excellence with one of the highest scores recorded in that year of 93.6 pts.

What is Iapar 59?

Iapar 59 is a variety of coffee that was developed in Brazil by Instituto Agronômico do Paraná (IAPAR) in the 1970s. It was created by crossing a Mundo Novo plant with a Caturra plant, resulting in a plant with high yield and resistance to diseases.

The number 59 in Açu Iapar 59 comes from the plot number where the plant was first cultivated and tested. It quickly gained popularity among Brazilian coffee farmers and is now widely grown in the country.

The Iapar 59 produced by Camocim Estate is the scarlet-red variety. It is grown on the Atalaia farm in the Pedro Azul region of Brazil. 

Processing: Natural

Variety: Catucaia-Açu Iapar 59

Average elevation: 1250 masl

Region: Montanhas do Espírito Santo

Total area: 160 ha

Area planted with coffee: 70 ha

Highest elevation: 1300 masl

Lowest elevation: 1250 masl