New Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee

New Brazil Yellow Bourbon Coffee

Marko Trkulja

Brazil Camocim Yellow Bourbon

We would like to introduce our latest single origin coffee

#yellowbourbon coffee – Now at Bella Barista's in-house Demeter certified biodynamic coffee roastery.

Fresh Roast Coffee Tasting Notes: Floral, Grape, Barley.


    • Flavour: Floral, Grape, Barley
    • Sweetness: High
    • Acidity: Low
    • Mouthfeel: Medium

Origin of Yellow Bourbon

The origin of the Yellow Bourbon variety has an interesting story. In the early 18th Century Brazil started producing coffee by introducing the Typica variety to their plantations. By the mid nineteenth century Brazil had become a global producer and looked for a higher yield variety to improve export volume.

A Brazilian emissary brought back seeds of the Red Bourbon variety from Reunon Island, near Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. By 1870 the red Bourbon variety had become one of the predominant coffees produced in Brazil.

Then in 1871 in the city of Botucatu in the State of São Paulo: a mutation of Typica bore yellow berries, something never naturally seen before in Brazil.

While the yellow Typica mutation referred to then as Yellow Botucatu wasn’t particularly productive, it was adopted by a number of farmers for the curious colour of its fruit.


Brazil Camocim Estate

Estate Owner - Henrique Sloper

The Brazil Yellow Bourbon coffee comes direct from the Biodynamic Camocim Estate owned by coffee growing pioneer Henrique Sloper who made the visit to the Bella Barista and The Roastery showroom in February 2020.

Henrique was particularly excited by the Yellow Bourbon crop and we're now delighted to have received this coffee for you to try.

With a highly recommended Q graders score of 86.5 this really is a special coffee.

Low acidity, medium body, delicate sweet floral aroma.