Certified Organic Coffee

Certified Organic Coffee

Scarlet Binley

Have you ever wondered; why organic?

If you have, grab a coffee, relax and stick around because we’re about to tell you why…
For those of you that are new Roastery friends or even those that aren’t, and are just interested in what organic coffee is all about. we have recently gone through the transition of going 100% fully Demeter certified organic / biodynamic. Yes, we know, we just can’t stop saying it and we couldn’t be more proud.


  • With the chemicals and toxins that comes with something covered in pesticides this can’t be good for us to consume daily


  • Adding antioxidants into body
  • High in vitamins and minerals
  • Tastes much better!!

Lets start with getting rid of them nasties you didn’t even know were there…

Lets dive straight in there.

Coffee is the most pesticides sprayed crop in the food and drink industry and is the third most sprayed agricultural crop in the world behind cotton and tobacco.

Just think about it. How could drinking three cups of coffee every day for your entire life and ingesting artificial pesticides, affect your body, and overall health.

How do you avoid this?  Simple – drink Organic Coffee, not only does it taste better but is grown 100% organically and completely chemical free.

these same chemicals often hurt both the coffee farmers and ecosystems that come in contact with them as well.

All of these create toxins that can’t be good for us all round. To us this is bad news and as you can imagine did not sit well with us, not only do we want the best tasting coffee on the planet but we want our lovely customers to feel amazing after drinking it with no nasty side effects . This tops all!

Adding the good stuff = Antioxidant heaven…

Now we have the doom and gloom out the way, lets skip to the benefits of drinking organic coffee. And the reason why we made the decision to switch.

First and foremost the flavour, it’s without doubt that drinking coffee without all those toxins taste 100% better and that is what we’re all after. We want to wake up in the morning, take that first sip of coffee and do the inevitable ‘aahh’ because that cup of coffee taste pretty darn good. But imagine enjoying that first sip knowing not only does it taste good, but that cup is full to the brim with antioxidants. Intake of antioxidants is good for our optimal health.

When coffee is high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it may boost your immune system and help guard against diseases.

It also makes us so much more at ease knowing that our coffee farmers are not dealing with harmful chemicals and toxins.

The main thing is here that we’ve gone from drinking a beverage that is putting toxins in our body to drinking a beverage that is putting antioxidants in our body.

So instead of it making us feel not so good it can actually makes us feel better. A win win we would say!

So now you know…

We want you to know that there is so much more to organic coffee and its benefits and the science behind it and we by no means are claiming to be scientists (would be cool though).

However we have taken the time and done our research for you and its something we feel so passionate about and we want to spread the benefits to more and more of you.

We will keep researching everything there is to know about organic coffee and share all we have with you.

The answer to why organic? is we simply can’t think of a better way to start your day.