ECM Mechanika Profi with Eureka Mignon MK II Orange

ECM Mechanika Profi with Eureka Mignon MK II Orange

Lee Brooks

Here we have the ECM Heidelberg Mechanika Profi (£1549) along with a Eureka Mignon MK II Orange espresso grinder (£279). Prices Late 2017.

The ECM Mechanika Profi is an excellent heat exchanger machine. It’s one of the best selling coffee machines in the Bella Barista range for the home coffee enthusiast.


* It can be plumbed in or optional Reservoir tank.
* Stainless Steel Boiler
* ECM Luxury angled gran crema portafilter handles – (2 come as standard Single and Double Spout).
* Joy stick steam and hot water wands.
* Refined ECM – E61 Brew Group

Eureka Mignon
Since this customer picture was taken the Eureka Mignon has had a significant upgrade.
The MK II has now been replaced with the new 2018 Eureka Mignon that comes in three different models.
We now recommend the Eureka Mignon Specialita version. We feel it’s the best specification model to pair up with the coffee machines we sell.