Rocket Appartamento and Gloss Black Mignon

Rocket Appartamento and Gloss Black Mignon

Lee Brooks

Rocket Appartamento and Gloss Black Mignon MK II Coffee Grinder

Thanks Giuseppe for your home coffee setup images. Looks a treat!
The Rocket Appartamento is one of the more popular coffee machines for the home barista this year.
It’s a very small footprint heat exchanger coffee machine, that makes it ideal when kitchen space is of a premium. Rocket Espresso have managed to squeeze the size down by offering a water reservoir water tank only and small vibration pump. We have noticed over the years most home coffee enthusiasts are happy with water tank only machines. Plumb in machines require a little more effort for domestic usage.

The heat exchanger system allows you to make great espresso and steam milk at the same time.
Heat exchanger coffee machines, like the Rocket Appartamento produce a dry steam that makes milk micro-foam easier to achieve, creating great latte art.

The Eureka Mignon coffee grinder is not to be underestimated. We have been selling the Eureka Mignon coffee grinder since the early 2000’s and all the Bella Barista team thoroughly recommend it. Similar to the Rocket Appartamento it packs great quality in a small footprint. The Bella Barista team always recommend pairing the coffee machine with a good espresso grinder. Along with fresh roast coffee the coffee grind is the most important elements to enjoying great coffee at home.