Izzo Vivi Espresso Machine MK I

Izzo Vivi Espresso Machine MK I

Lee Brooks

Izzo Vivi Espresso Machine MK I

Thanks JT for this lovely image of the Izzo Vivi espresso machine MK I . Still going strong.
*I’m also loving your car photography and other images at www.cloud9.photos

It goes to show e61 group coffee machines, if looked after can be enjoyed and last a long time.

The espresso cups were designed by famous Spanish architect Francisco Mangado for the 2008 World Expo in Zaragoza.

How to improve the life of your coffee machine

One of the main ways you can increase the longevity of a coffee machine is to use filtered water, especially in the UK.
We recommend using bottled water or water filter jugs like BWT, if you live in a hard water area.

A recent Bella Barista customer returned a machine for a service and it was over 15 years old. Used everyday with bottled water and a light descale once a year.

Another solution to increase the longevity and performance of your coffee machine is to connect or plumb in to a water connection similar to a washing machine. Bella Barista offer coffee machines with the option of reservoir tank and water connection allowing the customer to setup an inline water softener or water treatment cartridge. This method can be a little time consuming at the start but rewards you in the long run. You can relax knowing the cartridge is treating and softening the water going into your machine and also saves time refilling the water tank.

The Bella Barista team are happy to advice the correct water kit required for your home domestic coffee machine setup.

Marko – Bella Barista