Rocket Giotto Evo and Matt Black Mignon

Rocket Giotto Evo and Matt Black Mignon

Marko Trkulja

Rocket Espresso Giotto R Evoluzione and Matt Black Mignon Specialita

Thanks Zulhusmi for sending your coffee setup pics to us. It’s worth mentioning this order was shipped to Brunei.
We’re really glad it was received in great condition. Four working days transit time with Fedex International Priority.
Pictured are the outer boxes we use to ensure a little more safety during transit.

The Rocket Giotto already has lots of write ups, however it’s worth noting the R version, or rotary pump with PID (Digital Display) is a serious contender for the home barista. There are a few main reasons why you would step up to this Hext Exchanger from the smaller Heat Exchanger machines like the Rocket Espresso Appartamento, Lelit Mara and ECM Mechanika Slim.  Firstly, the option to connect it to your water supply. Secondly the Rotary pump also runs quieter in operation. Thirdly temperature stability. The Digital Display and Solid State relay out performs the more mechanical pressure stat. With the digital display its also more user friendly to change the temperature to suit your personal taste.

Bella Barista and International Shipping

This post is worth mentioning that we ship coffee machines worldwide, not just the United Kingdom.
We have shipped coffee machines internationally for over 12 years. Even to places like Bermuda.
Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand are frequent destinations with similar voltage to the UK.

International Warranty

We offer a 12 month parts only warranty. Bella Barista international customers over the years have contacted us through Phone, Email, Skype and Whatspp to help fault find. We have friendly technicians on hand who can help diagnose the issue send the part and explain how to fit the item. This often results in enjoying coffee a lot quicker.