ECM Synchronika, Eureka Olympus 75E and Dalian Amazon Roaster

ECM Synchronika, Eureka Olympus 75E and Dalian Amazon Roaster

Marko Trkulja

ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler Coffee Machine with Eureka Olympus 75E and Dalian Amazon Roaster

Thanks Nicholas from Woodbridge, Suffolk for this home coffee setup!
It’s a dream setup that i’m sure most people would love and aspire to owning one day!

The ECM Synchronika has already had lots of write ups in the customer gallery section and requires no introduction.
It’s the highest specification coffee machine for home use in the ECM range.

Eureka Olympus 75

Choosing a grinder to achieve the most of out of your new coffee machine purchase can sometimes be a difficult one. Nicholas went for the Eureka Olympus 75E. Possibly the best value grinder out there going on performance and consistency.

The Olympus 75E is a feat of engineering and huge achievement by Eureka to house the famous titanium coated Mythos burrs inside an espresso grinder body this small. The Clima Pro Mythos One Coffee Grinder is the benchmark espresso grinder often seen in the independent coffee shops and roasters in London and all major cities around the world. The Eureka Olympus 75E has simply become a go to espresso grinder for the dual boiler coffee machines Bella Barista sell.
Eureka coffee grinders always have one huge advantage. Easy to clean and maintain, perfect for home use.
You also have the ability to make tiny grind level adjustments with a very user friendly thumb wheel. A user friendly digital display to set your timed doses and low stale coffee build up or retention. Not to mention the huge power,  performance and build quality that really should last a life time for the professional home barista.

Dalian Amazon 1KG Coffee Roaster

It’s great to see the Dalian Amazon coffee roaster on the customer gallery. Here at Bella Barista we often review coffee machines, grinders and coffee roasters, with many under achieving. The hand picked products that make it are selected and sold with our backing on the Bella Barista website.

The Dalian Amazon took us completely by surprise. The potential of the roaster was evident from day one with its huge horse shoe shaped heating element wrapped around the drum. Rodney, the founder of Bella Barista and especially Dave C invested a great deal of time tweaking and working with the manufacturer to refine the Dalian Coffee Roaster. Approximately one year later we had a 1kg Coffee Roaster that not only rivalled the Gene Cafe 1200 but effectively out performed it. The Dalian Amazon 1kg coffee roaster is exceptional value and our model is exclusively for Bella Barista.  Ideal for light commercial use sampling coffees or ideal for home use, roasting for friends and family.

The Dalian Amazon has a owners section on the coffee forums. Purchasing the Dalian Coffee Roaster from Bella Barista, entitles you to the exclusive Bella Barista version along with a user guide hand written by Dave C. Basically a step by step guide from out of the box to your first roast and all the necessary maintenance.